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The Virtual Space Museum Extravaganza is a Walking Simulator, that revolves around the player’s first-person experience through the world of a fictional 80’s neon inspired sci-fi region.

Modeled by Kai

Designed & Programmed by Michael Adeluwoye 

Gameplay Info:

You play the role a guest of a friend who has allowed to explore the mansion he's been living in for a while.

For some reason, he has told you to not go into that "room" but due to your general curiosity, you decide to go inside anyway. From then on, you start viewing these art pieces for a while but then something very strange happens when you get closer and closer towards them...


You’ll be using the default movement for your own Oculus Rift Controller as you travel towards doors simply by being near them as well as the Oculus Headset to move the in-game camera. Also, in order to return back to the areas, you’ll have to face your camera towards a visual red exit sign to take you back to the museum spot.

Developer Comment:

This simulator will require you to use the Oculus Rift since the camera does not work without the headset being set up beforehand. Also please be aware that if you suffer motion sickness (as there is motion blur in the game), I will be making another version without it in the near future. 

Install instructions

Please remember to set up your Oculus Rift headset beforehand.


Kai & Mike Oculus Rift World.zip 348 MB

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